Albany Primary School

Albany Primary School
Albany Can Do It!

Welcome to Albany Primary School

 Welcome to our school.

Our aim is to provide your children with an exciting education, which builds their self-belief and determination to do their best. We are a committed team of staff who believe that education is a partnership between pupils, staff, parents, governors and the wider community. We aim to develop these partnerships in such a way that every child receives an excellent education and makes the best possible progress. We are committed to continually improving our school and to ensuring the children have rich, exciting learning experiences through our delivery of Curriculum for Wales.

Our school is at the heart of the community it serves. As part of that community we value and involve all individuals within it, and ask them to join us in creating a door to the wider world for our children.

We do everything we can to create a very happy ‘family school’ where there is a sense of purpose and well-being, a place where children and adults are happy to be.

Good behaviour is expected, acknowledged and rewarded. Our purpose/aim is to develop a positive attitude to life and learning by consistently developing every aspect of your child.

We are confident that you and your children will be very happy as members of our school. I hope that the information in this prospectus provides you with useful information about life at Albany Primary School. If you would like to visit the school please contact the school office and we would be happy to arrange this.

Yours truly,

Mr Wil Howlett- Headteacher